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Products AlarmKey Products
AlarmKey Standard
A completely integrated business management & accounting software designed to work with start-ups and small to mid-sized security ...
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Alarmkey Products
AlarmKey Enterprise
A completely customizable solution; AlarmKey Enterprise will work with your company’s unique needs and deliver an easy-to-use software. ...
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The key difference between the AlarmKey Standard and AlarmKey Enterprise is that the Standard is an out-of-the-box package that will meet the needs of most security integrators. 

AlarmKey Enterprise is a fully customizable package which will accommodate for unique business needs. Below is a list of all AlarmKey Standard and Enterprise Modules.

In addition to the modules listed, AlarmKey is able to customize modules based on your company’s needs. For additional information on those, call, instant message or e-mail us today.

AlarmKey Modules
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RB Recurring Billing (Pro-rata)

The Recurring Billing module in AlarmKey is one of its most powerful and user-friendly in the industry. The recurring billing process will be completed in minutes. With the ability to pro-rate all recurring billing accounts, you never lose out on extra dollars. Through the AlarmKey Recurring Billing module, you can generate a list of those to be billed, create & print invoices and update AR in less than 15 minutes.

See Also: Automatic Credit Card Processing Module

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PB Partial Billing
If you bill partially, AlarmKey will facilitate this process by numerous different ways.
AP Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable module lets you see your status on payments with vendors. You have access to payment history, including check numbers or credit card transaction receipts.
GL General Ledger
The AlarmKey General Ledger module is integrated with all the daily operations of your organization, eliminating double-entry between operations and accounting. You have the ability to generate all important yearly reports.
CC Credit Card Processing
Recurring Billing is a process that takes several hours and sometimes even days to complete. AlarmKey’s Credit Card Processing module integrates with ICVerify to make the recurring billing process automatically process payments, generate detailed reports, and update AR with the click of your mouse.
DG Departmental General Ledger
The Departmental General Ledger in AlarmKey lets you break down your General Ledger into different departments. You can generate income statements and P&L’s for each department breakdown. For example, you are able to figure out how much recurring revenue you are generating, whether your installation team is doing well, and how much money each part of your organization is bringing in.
Bank Reconciliation 
Compare your bank statements with your transactions within the AlarmKey software.
Multiple Tax & Tax Reporting
Manage different types of taxes on single transactions and tax reports will calculate and submit your taxes. All versions of AlarmKey also handle Canadian taxes such as GST & PST.
CH Credit Limit/Hold
AlarmKey allows you to assign a unique credit limit and hold for each customer.

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