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AlarmKey Standard
A completely integrated business management & accounting software designed to work with start-ups and small to mid-sized security ...
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Alarmkey Products
AlarmKey Enterprise
A completely customizable solution; AlarmKey Enterprise will work with your company’s unique needs and deliver an easy-to-use software. ...
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The key difference between the AlarmKey Standard and AlarmKey Enterprise is that the Standard is an out-of-the-box package that will meet the needs of most security integrators. 

AlarmKey Enterprise is a fully customizable package which will accommodate for unique business needs. Below is a list of all AlarmKey Standard and Enterprise Modules.

In addition to the modules listed, AlarmKey is able to customize modules based on your company’s needs. For additional information on those, call, instant message or e-mail us today.

AlarmKey Modules
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Branch Management

This module allows you to manage an unlimited amount of branches. Our branch management module is designed so that there is access to both independent data as well as company-wide data.

RA Web Access/Remote Access
AlarmKey offers secured Web and remote access to the software. While other programs store your data online and on the Internet, leaving it open for hacking, we choose to keep your business’ data on your own hard drive. With online and remote access, you can manage your business completely off-site.
Commission Management
Manage your salesperson’s commission through different ways easily. You can assign commission based on profitability or flat percentage amount.
PM Project Management
The more robust Enterprise Project Management module gives you the ability to manage jobs that last months to years. You are able to set up sub-work orders that integrate with a project and allow you to plan a year’s worth of work with ease.
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Change orders
allow you to change your order for material, hours required for labor, and traveling as work continues.
Sub Work Orders
Sub Work Orders are daily, weekly, and monthly work orders that connect to jobs that will most likely last 6 months to more than one year. Each sub work order has its own job costing, material, labor, subcontracted services, and miscellaneous costs associated with and it also reflects on the total job costing for larger work your company manages. A completely integrated way to manage larger jobs, the sub work order feature is included within the Project Management module.
RW Report Writer
The Report Writer in AlarmKey Enterprise allows you to generate thousands of customized reports. In addition to the Report Writer format that even Standard allows; the Report Writer allows you to create your own terms and save them for future use.
SN Serial # Control
Tracking your inventory through serial # control enables higher control on warehouse management.
BL Bin Location Tracking
Through the robust Item Master the bin location tracking feature allows you to designate a bin from which to pick parts. This bin will appear on Items List and also on the Work Order Pick List.
SB Purchase Forecasting – (Suggested to Buy)
Purchase Forecasting is a module that suggests the quantity of parts to purchase based on levels of inventory and customer demand. This feature is designed for heavier sales-oriented organizations.
BQ Bid Quotes
The Bid Quotes feature will allow you to keep track of your quotes that have the same bid number. When you type in the bid number, it allows you to copy the same quote to different contractors. If you convert one of the quotes to a work order with a bid number, then AlarmKey will allow you to close the other quotes out.
QS Quoting (Sales Orders)
You are able to quote parts for sales orders through the Quoting for Sales Order module in AlarmKey.
SO Sales Order Processing
Allows you to process sales orders with the ease of a work order and allows you to view all closed and open sales orders by several different methods.
SP Sales Order to Purchase Orders link
This unique module allows you to track your purchase orders as they relate to sales orders.
BC Inventory Barcoding
Track your inventory through internal barcode scanning. Never have to worry about tracking a part manually any longer. Through this feature you are able to scan in all your items and get an accurate tracking on them directly through AlarmKey.
RA Return Merchant Authorization (RMA)
The Return Merchant Authorization module allows you to track all sales order returns. RMA number allowing you to track any returns you have on your sales orders.
UT UPS/FedEx tracking Integration
Take customer service to the next level. Customer Satisfaction Surveys allow your company to track feedback throughout your relationship with the client. This includes graphical outputs of data to help you manage your sales and service teams in ways to increase customer retention.
HD Help Desk
The Help Desk Interface lets you easily create projects, follow-up on them, it’s a help desk interface for work order. It is used for call center management for alarm companies and others. You can assign service calls and also track the hours that are spent on each customer by your employees.
AlarmKey Enterprise is equipped to handle transactions in multiple currencies facilitating the usage of the software in Europe and Asia.
Contract Management
Generate, store, and access signed contracts at any point.
PK Payroll (PayKey)
Manage all your payroll needs internally. AlarmKey’s payroll module allows you to write checks and keep on top of all payroll data.


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